Welcome to Clear Blue Engineering, where great business ideas are manifested into one-of-a-kind product solutions. With our adaptable electronic manufacturing services and electronic contract manufacturing services found in Metro Denver, any business can find a solid foundation to build upon.
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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Precision PCB



Clear Blue Engineering specializes in a quick-witted approach to our electronic manufacturing services, with efficient processes and experts in place to ensure optimal production times and transparent communications. With a time-tested team of engineers, production experts, quality control specialists, supply chain experts and industry insiders, Clear Blue’s electronic manufacturing services ensure your business goals are not only heard and met, but often exceeded. 
We’re considered industry experts when it comes to turnkey manufacturing, which focuses on compiling all of the required materials and resources your production needs to operate efficiently and accurately. With our full-service support from A to Z, you can rest easy knowing your business is in safe hands. Every day, we’re ordering new components from the world’s leading vendors, reviewing and revising product designs, and upholding peak quality standards for your new products. With this fluid process, we respect your business as our own, preserving the value of your product while improving your bottom line.  

Clear Blue vows to uphold peak quality standards and performance when manufacturing or engineering your new products. With our dedicated quality control and product testing team on site, we can ensure that our electronic manufacturing services, or EMS, meet your standards and expectations. Using a precise quality control method, we thoroughly analyze your new design, making suggestions to make production more repeatable and increase yields. At our Metro Denver facility, you can rest easy knowing your product dreams and business goals are in safe hands.


Speedy project turnaround
Clear Blue ensures your project deadlines are met with ease and professionalism by eliminating common time constraints related to outsourcing, international travel, middle-men, material selection, and other muddling production issues. 
Swift cash-flow turnaround
Our quick EMS project turnaround times lend a hand to your bottom line by ensuring that your products are ready to be shipped and sold promptly, creating a circular structure that nears demand-based production with stable growth. 
Independently sourced materials
After years of business, we have built trusted relationships with plastics providers and other material suppliers that allow Clear Blue to reduce production and transit times from Asian vendors, getting your production started as soon as possible. 
Rapid response & revision time
Because our electronic manufacturing services team is conveniently located in Metro Denver, Colorado, we’re able to provide rapid responses to your requested design changes and execute them mid-line as needed, saving you valued overhead and production time. 
Precise quoting system
When you enlist Clear Blue for electronic contract manufacturing, engineering, and beyond, we take the time to provide a completely accurate quote listing all your specifications along with any possible materials souring issues, allowing you to effectively plan ahead. 

Our story 

Clear Blue’s story began in 1996 when two RF engineers saw a dire need for trusted electronic manufacturing services and engineering in the Greater Denver market. Our founders sought to create an EMS firm that could integrate vital engineering services with a fully capable manufacturing operation.  Through years of hard work and focus, Clear Blue Engineering became that vital bridge between the two. From extreme electronic contract manufacturing challenges to daily engineering needs, our process has been refined and perfected over the years to overcome any obstacle with ease. 
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