Meticulous focus

The Clear Blue contract engineering team is deeply entrenched in the world of electronics engineering and beyond, allowing us to intricately assess every detail of a schematic design. With this unrivaled attention-to-detail, our team ensures that each project is executed with precise planning, up-to-date formatting, and total accuracy. We’re not a copy-exact build firm—when you come to us for contract engineering, manufacturing, or a combination of the two, we put our complete focus and attention on your project to ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction. 

Manufacturing mindset

Our manufacturing division continues to grow in popularity and demand, and as such, our skill set expands and shifts into the world of full-service electronics production. With this manufacturing focus, our trusty electrical engineers are able to approach each new contract engineering project from a production perspective, allowing us to determine feasibility, efficiency, and ease of production as they work on your new electronics design. That way, the Clear Blue Colorado team can create a perfected product design the first time around, saving you valued production time and expenses.
When Clear Blue Engineering was initially established in 1996, our goal was simple: to bridge the gap between the complex world of electronics and the growing need for customized manufacturing and engineering services. With our very first contract engineering projects, we made it a goal to provide adaptable, flexible, and collaborative support to OEMs and leading corporations, and today, we still hold that value close-to-heart.
Through years of evolving services and constant updates, our contract engineering services remain a steady solution our clients seek us out for. With our diverse skill set, rapid response rate, trustworthy team, and equal partnership approach, there isn’t a contract engineering project we can’t enhance in some way. 

Steadfast solutions

The adaptable nature of Clear Blue lends a hand to project turnaround times, giving us the power to set our sights on the next contract engineering task at hand with unflinching focus and strategy. When you enlist Clear Blue’s engineers for your next electronics design, whether it’s a new circuit board, product prototype, or design revision, our team will tackle each challenge with fluidity and rapid response. And since we’re conveniently located in Metro Denver, we welcome you to stop by and check out your new project plans in person. Instead of worrying about international travel and possible language barriers, your team can work directly with ours to ease communications and ultimately optimize production times. 

Customized components

Our goal with each new contract engineering project is to provide a custom-tailored product design that’s structured around your needs. From the initial project quote to the final production kickoff, every step of the Clear Blue contract engineering process is customized to you. If your team has an idea for the new design, send it our way. All ideas, improvements, and upgrades are always welcomed at Clear Blue. And once we land on a final design, our engineers will craft an original schematic that’s unique to your brand and ready for production. Plus, we’ll even take the customization a step further by placing a unique signature on your product design that reduces the risk of possible duplication. 

Precise quoting

Here at Clear Blue in Colorado, we believe that the contract engineering process should be a transparent and honest one. Keeping that in mind, we take the time to delve into your specific contract engineering expectations and project parameters to develop an exact and complete design quote. Our team will take a look at the circuitry required, customizations needed, and any requested additions to our plans to ensure that all bases are covered. Once we fully absorb the scope of the project, our team will send over a precise project quote that fully encompasses all we plan to do. No changes, no asterisks, no hidden fees. Our final quote is just that. That way, your business can better anticipate future cash flow and plan ahead for long-term growth.