We understand the countless challenges that one encounters when bringing a new idea to life because we’ve faced those same challenges countless times over. We’re proud to have succeeded in providing the solutions our clients need while remaining cognizant of the realities present in a global manufacturing industry where fractions of pennies make the difference between success and failure.

The highest value we provide to a client is our ability to approach engineering from the standpoint of a manufacturing firm, and to immediately respond to manufacturing issues and inefficiencies with the perspective of the original engineering team.  We put flexibility into the very fabric of your custom product so that future advantages can be easily reaped with a minimal necessity for a redesign.

Over the course of our 20+ year history, we have worked with clients all over North America, utilizing partnerships developed around the globe on projects of every conceivable form. We are as comfortable taking on high-value, mission-critical projects with many moving pieces as we are helping a local inventor bring his PCB from the breadboard phase into early production. We welcome any inquiries, so please contact us today to discuss your next project.

Our engineering services are designed to facilitate the seamless integration of all technical aspects of your project, ensuring that the idea on the whiteboard translates to the product on the shelf. Any of the projects we take on are likely to incorporate aspects of electrical or schematic design, circuit board layout, firmware, mechanical parts, enclosures, antennae, and ever more increasingly these days, software and app development.

Keeping all of these pieces moving in the right direction requires a team that is working together towards the ultimate goal. If your team isn’t all on the same page, one group may proceed with what they perceive to be a stellar job, just to find out that the realities of the marketplace dictate a different approach than what has been painstakingly researched.

Connect with Clear Blue Engineering today to ensure your final product matches the marketplace landscape and stands that test of time. 

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