The assembly of printed circuit boards, or PCBs, remain the most popular service provided by Clear Blue engineers and technicians. This resounding popularity isn’t by chance, either. Businesses continue to choose Clear Blue’s PCB assembly services for our professional quality of service, efficient processes, cutting-edge production line, expert electrical engineers on stand-by, and so much more. Read on to see how Clear Blue makes all the difference when it comes to PCB assembly. All projects managed by an experienced electrical engineer to get you results and useful advice to aid in your progress


State-of-the-art equipment

Clear Blue engineering maintains leading PCB assembly equipment at our Metro Denver facility. We currently have three MyData/Mycronic surface mount (SMT) pick-and-place machines for assembling surface mount and BGA PCBs of all types.
With our fully-stacked production line, we can place and assemble your circuit boards with unparalleled finesse, attention-to-detail, and reliability. 

Assured quality control

We also use a Glennbrook X-Ray Machine at our Colorado facility to provide diagnostics and quality control as part of our PCB assembly operations.
This critical tool is used for PCB assembly projects that use BGA components, or ball grid arrays. With our expertly trained team using the x-ray, we can inspect the circuit board for proper alignment at critical points in production, and eliminate defective boards early on in the process to save you valued money.

Hands-on adaptability

For the circuitry parts that can’t be added to our PCB assembly line, we have expert hands on-staff to complete the process.
We leave the majority of our PCB assembly services to our cutting-edge equipment, but we’re always available to perform any portion of the process ourselves, whether it’s reprogramming pre-assembled PCBs or reworking PCBs that are already mounted into housings.

Instant estimate

Clear Blue Engineering provides secure, trusted, and precise estimates for PCB layouts and PCB assemblies. These estimates are not only instant, but they are completely accurate, allowing you to plan ahead for your next circuit board assembly project. Read below to fill out one of our custom PCB assembly estimate forms. We has provided manufacturing and engineering services for leading medical brands, federal research centers, consumer brands, and beyond.

Expert engineering

All of our PCB assembly projects are managed and overseen by our experienced on-staff electrical engineers. Even with simple assembly projects, the Clear Blue team is committed to upholding our reputation and credibility, which is why we thoroughly check all circuitry designs and layouts before beginning production. Once production begins, our electrical engineers are there to ensure each and every PCB runs smoothly, accurately, and efficiently. 

Unmatched efficiency

Our bottom line at Clear Blue Engineering is improving yours. With our premium PCB assembly equipment, we can place components as small as a 0201 package size and with fine pitch placement of .10 mm (4mil) at a rate of 33,000 components per hour. At this rate, we can roughly assembly 200-1,500 PCBs per hour, depending on the component count. That way, your production projects can be completed on schedule, on budget, and above expectations. 

Clear Blue has provided manufacturing and engineering services for leading medical brands, federal research centers, consumer brands, and beyond.