Here at Clear Blue Engineering, we believe in providing all-encompassing, ever-evolving solutions for our valued clients. And with our esteemed turnkey manufacturing solutions, we give your business the strength, security, and stability you’ve been looking for. From steadfast startups to established brands, Clear Blue possesses the flexibility, expertise, and attention your budding business needs to foster growth and expansion. Contact us today to learn more about our integrated turnkey manufacturing services. 

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Intuitive engineering

Clear Blue employs highly skilled electrical engineers that have dedicated their careers to refining electronic circuitry plans and product concepts for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
With our dedicated electrical engineers on-staff as part of your turnkey manufacturing team, you can feel confident knowing that your electronic designs have been efficiently planned, intricately designed, and rigorously tested by the industry’s best. 

Prudent processes

Like you, the Clear Blue team is a small, but mighty collection of real people who passionately believe in the value of their work. As such, we respect your valuable expenses spent on turnkey manufacturing, and vow to make it worthwhile with unmatched efficiency, financial flexibility, and production pace. And with our swift turnkey manufacturing processes, your production expenses are consolidated into one invoice, allowing you to better predict and manage future cash flow.

Adaptable manufacturing

The secret to our stellar turnkey manufacturing process lies in our efficient manufacturing approach. With our swift production line of roughly 40 personnel and 10 – 15 supportive staff and management, our team is able to execute your production plans quickly and accurately. And if a product design change is needed mid-production, our team is able to readily apply your changes within the hour to minimize excess inventory and wasted time. 

Trusted quality

At Clear Blue Engineering, we uphold a dedicated Quality Control department that is committed to ensuring peak product performance and production efficiency, keeping your best interests at heart. At our Quality Control department, our team individually tests, reviews, and approves each and every component that is manufactured at our facility, ensuring no stone is left unturned. That way, your business can build a strong reputation of trust and reliability for years to come.

Skillful flexibility 

With our nimble turnkey manufacturing team comes an unmatched ability to adapt to the task at hand. Whether your business needs another eye at your new circuit boards, manufacturing advice that reduces down time, or last-minute changes to product designs, Clear Blue is your partner every step of the way. Clear Blue provides rapid response, clear communication, and nearly instant action when it comes to any production changes or requests to make the most of your time. 

Leading clientele

Clear Blue Engineering is proud to provide turnkey manufacturing, engineering and supplementary OEM services to beloved brands and global leaders of electronics and beyond. From federally-funded research facilities to multinational consumer goods brands and even contemporary startups, Clear Blue Engineering is proud to serve all with 1-on-1 communication, collaborative engineering, skilled production, and rapid project turnaround. 

Exclusive access

When you choose Clear Blue as your turnkey manufacturing provider, you join an exclusive network of established suppliers and vendors. We maintain deep-seated partnerships with the world’s leading vendors in the areas of electronics, plastics, metals, wire, elastomers, and glass, not to mention our ever-growing knowledge of materials and processes. This far-reaching network  of support allows our team to reduce your material costs by leveraging our existing relationships and using our negotiation skills on your behalf.